Use cases

The AI4DEF use cases allow for the study, design, prototypes, tests, and demonstrations of the benefits of AI in various military scenarios in terms of situational awareness, decision making as well as planning optimization and asset management.

Use case 1


Use case 1 focuses on AI to improve UAV ISR (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) missions. During such missions, refreshed and accurate information is required for mission success. This will happen through on board data processing coming from diverse and heterogeneous data.

Use case 1 will manufacture an AI system enabling an external collaborative system exploiting all heterogeneous information to provide one common situational picture.

Through the mission-operating-system within a mission environment, it will carry out airborne surveillance operations by acquiring and making data available through its own sensors and data respectively.

In other words, AI for ISR UAV will detect, track, identify, and investigate all suspicious behavior during and after missions, adding to a continuously improving AI knowledge base. Based on the continuously updated and reliable information, the mission surveillance assets are then informed and guided to the mission target.

Use case 2

AI Based Decision Making for Multi-Domains Combat and Engagement

For multi-domains combat and engagement, the threats today are composed of multiple elements – anything from missiles and fighters to swarms of drones. The challenge to overcoming these threats is the exploitation of missing data (collected on board). There is a need for optimal and collaborative use of assets for accurate decision making.

Use Case 2 focuses on building an AI system for optimal decision making during complex tactical situations for multi-domains combat and engagement.

Use case 2 aims to include all elements of importance to create a decentralized and modular engagement planning solution. A solution capable of: assigning the right weapon to the right target target; optimizing the firing time slots by implementing all constraints related to weapons and the surrounding environment and making the optimal decision for the human operator using AI.

Use case 3

AI to Foster Transversal Joint ISR

Joint ISR (Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) already fosters a holistic use of platforms, sensors, and systems to support military operations.

However, use case 3 aims to demonstrate how AI technology can be used within the JISR domain, and how AI components can improve situational awareness and decision support through the exploitation of ISR products.

During project development, which is based on specific user requirements, a concrete set of operational activities will be enhanced through corresponding AI techniques selected. The end AI components are integrated into system prototypes, taking advantage of existing JISR Suites developed by use case 3 partners.

The overall proposal of use case 3 is to enhance and improve each step in the TCPED (Tasking, Collecting, Processing, Exploiting, Disseminating) cycle resulting in a faster, and more accurate, situational picture.

AI to foster transversal joint ISR will additionally support operational tasks associated with the other use cases.

Use case 4

AI Situation Support to Tactical Commander

The true weapon of the future is a digitalized and network-based data support system.

Use Case 4 focuses on assisting military organizations in responding to threats of all sizes and command levels using AI situational support. This means that, during battle, your commander will gain optimal tactical support through an accurate situational picture. Based on this dynamic situational picture, the tactical meaning is analyzed and acted upon.

By using AI-based pattern recognition techniques, objects will be recognized and classified using different sensors. Based on existing knowledge, the solution will not only provide an understanding of the situational picture but also improve decision-making by applying state-of-the-art AI techniques for behavior predictions.

Use Case 4 will significantly improve decision quality by providing the most valuable information regarding the current situation in an easy-to-consume way.