EU project AI4DEF successfully completed its second demonstration

On the 24th of April, members of the AI4DEF consortium organised the second demonstration of the project aimed at improving military situational awareness, decision-making and planning.

Building on the achievements and feedbacks received during the first demonstration of the project in September 2023, the twenty-one partners of the consortium performed their second demonstration with attendance from European Commission officials and representatives from Ministries of Defence.

To ensure the project matches with real-life issues faced by defence operators, the demonstration followed an operational (and fictional) scenario to test the four use-cases of the project and evaluate the various AI techniques developed:

  • UAV ISR missions (Leonardo)
  • MDO combat & engagement (MBDA France)
  • Transversal joint ISR (GMV & Terma)
  • Situation support to tactical commander (Airbus Defence & Space Germany)

The scenario allowed the AI4DEF consortium to demonstrate for the first time the use of the LabStore as a place to store, validate, retrain and enhanced AI models and datasets. Ethics is furthermore a key parameter of the project to ensure the AI used is trustworthy. During the demonstration, twenty different operational and tactical situations were explored, including graceful degradation and intelligence report summarisation.

As main outcome of the day the consortium partners defined the objectives for the final demonstration.

Next steps

Building on the learnings and feedback of this second demonstration, the last demonstration will take place on the 2nd October at Terma’s premises in Copenhagen.